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Investment portfolio

Since the inception of Ventech Ventures, we invested in some of the world’s leading healthcare problem statements. Our focus on partnerships and investments in these projects are strategic and long term.


(Provider, Payer, Patient)

DMA is a patent pending enterprise AI/ML solution to analyze and predict, Diseases and its Comorbidities.


(Provider, Payer)

HAI is a patent pending enterprise solution to measure, monitor and mitigate hospital acquired infection in ER surgery rooms.


(Provider, Payer, Patient)

HK is an IP led Opioid solution to assist healthcare industry to clinically measure and treat pain.


(Provider, Payer, Patient)

HB is an AI/ML IP led solution to provide patients and provider, the capability to receive prediction and advisory on patient’s health history.


(Patients, Providers)

NN is a AI/ML, IoT based wellness and therapeutics solution to prevent neck and spinal alignment disorders. 


(Consumer Technology)

R2 is a patent pending “AI Platform as a Service” that provides secured content delivery and experience in addition to exact count/type of recipients.


(Consumer Technology)

PM is a patent pending AI technology enabling users to experience zero noise for security and privacy. 


(Enterprise Technology)

VHA is a patent pending “Platform as a Service” that empowers enterprises to predict Security and Quality compliance risks in real time.

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